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About me...


As most of you know I'm a chef who started cooking at 15 in the local Michelin star restaurant. You could say that’s where it all really began. 


Japanese knives have been a big part of me for years at this point, I had recently been getting into custom handles and dreaming about how my blades would look with a shiny new set of pants on.


Covid lockdown #1 only helped encourage this further. Sat wondering what the hell had happened going from busy bustling lives to most of us sat on our beds doing fuck all got me chatting with a few close friends on the world of instagram (you know who you are!) This made me decide to buy a belt sander from amazon, some exotic hardwoods and crack on! Off to my workbench at the bottom of my mums garage I went and before I knew it I had loads of you chasing me down for handles.


I want to take a minute to thank all of you for the ongoing support since then and hope you all are happy with your purchases from me.


I look forward to customising many more of your knives in the future

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